Magle Chemoswed has been providing development services to pharmaceutical customers for over 40 years, providing support for innovating and developing new drugs and processes. Our long history and proven track record mean we can deliver a full suite of GMP-compliant services from our integrated development facilities.

Process Development

Our dedicated project management and proven project pathways are tried and tested to avoid setbacks early in the process development and progressing a compound to later stage testing. We take a rounded view when developing products and provide access to our full process development and production expertise.

Our scientists have a breadth of experience in process development across a wide range of therapeutic areas and building robust, scalable and reliable manufacturing processes that are essential for all drug substances and drug products progression.

In supporting process development, we achieve the very highest level of quality allowing us to establish a robust, reliable, and cost-effective manufacturing process quickly. Our teams are specialists in developing high quality, high yield, robust, reliable, and cost-effective process.

Drug Substance

We have extensive experience in pharmaceutical chemistry and far-reaching skill in handling high-potency, solubility and pharmacokinetics of chemical substances. Our specialist capabilities of drug substance manufacturing stretches across all scales, from small to medium-scale manufacturing.

Our custom built GMP manufacturing suites allows us to manufacture multiple substances simultaneously.

Our fully equipped plant is furnished with contained production lines at all scales providing us with the capabilities to scale up from laboratory to clinical to commercial supply.

Drug Product

We offer drug product development services for a number of dosage forms. Our team are specialists in managing and understanding your needs providing strong support for new products at all stages and levels.

We specialize in early stage of a product development with strong pre-formulation activities, including characterization of the active ingredient in relation to the desired physicochemical properties of the medicine.


We provide niche end-to-end offering in the biopharmaceutical segment focusing on process development and manufacturing, including specialist project management and regulatory support.

Our highly trained team includes specialist project management highly experienced in development and CGMP manufacturing ensuring product quality at each development and manufacturing step.