Solid State

Our Solid State team, formerly Adroit Science AB, Sweden, is dedicated to the exploration and characterization of substances and formulations from a solid-state point of view. Our response to your request can be fast-tracked no matter if a 24-hour fast turnaround service or a phase III submission consultation. The Team offers first class laboratory and consultancy services to the industry within solid material analysis including supportive analytical chemistry at good quality standards and cGMP.

Based on competence and relevant technologies, we provide top-quality data for an optimal selection and exquisite understanding of your material, and more importantly, our extensive experience allows us to provide the relevant interpretations of the results and point out the preferred way forward for future formulation development.

We have expert solid state knowledge that is multidimensional, facilitating a complete solid-state package for a successful project development. Besides our state-of-the-art material support we also offer a decisive regulatory and IP experience as well as a unique inhalation know-how. Our combined competence covers the whole range from idea to product.

Why Solid State?

Our Expertise

Our experienced scientists will add great value to your project while decreasing timelines with our considerable breadth of expertise to help you make the right decisions at the right time. We are not just a service provider we bring value to your project and provide the knowledge derived from the data. Together with you we tailor our investigations to your project and needs.

Enabling Salt Screen

If your drug candidate is at risk of failure due to poor oral bioavailability, handling issues or instability, or simply you want to develop a new dosage form, a salt (or cocrystal) form has the potential to dramatically improve the drug properties.

Amorphous Solids

Amorphous drug substances can exhibit enhanced solubility over a crystalline form. However, the amorphous solid may be unstable to recrystallisation during the shelf life of a product unless it is stabilised as an amorphous solid dispersion. We can rapidly identify the most suitable polymers at the correct concentration for early drug formulation development.

Polymorph Screening

Polymorph screening is designed to reduce the risks of drug development by finding the most stable form of the API and to define the form for clinical development and GMP manufacture. Our screening services are tailored to your API properties, development phase and budget.

Salt and Cocrystal Screening

The selection of an appropriate salt provides an opportunity to modify the API’s physicochemical properties and resultant biological characteristics. However, the salt form selected will influence a range of other properties. It should also be noted that screening for developable salt forms could strengthen the intellectual property of the API. A salt or cocrystal can also enable you to go over the next hurdle in the pharmaceutical drug development process, whether this is to move onto the initial toxicity studies or to go into clinical drug development.