Fill and Finish

Fill and finish is the final manufacturing step in creating a drug product. Liquid filling requires highly technical-driven processes to ensure a sterile and safe product is administered to the patient.

We provide GMP-certified production capabilities with a semi-automated filling line. Our filling capabilities are conducted in classified areas and in our cleanroom environments. 

Type of molecule

We have experience in the filling of high potent compounds, small molecules and biological products for which controlled conditions are required. Fill and finish activities of your drug product can be complemented with customized labelling and packaging and our freeze-drying package.


  • Vial filling lab scale (up to 100 vials)
  • Vial filling small scale (up to 4 000 vials per batch)

Talk to our specialist

Emelie Haettner
Emelie has a master degree in engineering nanoscience from Lund University, Faculty of Engineering. She has experience in production, analytics, and validation of our own medical devices (patented Degradable Starch Microspheres technology). Emelie has been a development chemist at Magle Chemoswed since 2018.