Our story

Magle Chemoswed is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) based in Malmö, Sweden. We serve companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry on a contract basis to provide services from product development through product manufacturing. We have a strong track record of successfully bringing our own and customer products to the market

About us

Chemoswed was originally founded in 1944 by the Swedish pharmaceutical company Ferrosan, which later became part of Pharmacia during the 1980s. DuPont Pharmaceuticals subsequently acquired the business in January 1996. Chemoswed was a contract manufacturer in its own right after being divested from Chemours in 2015.

Magle Life Sciences was founded by Hans Henrik Lidgard in 1997 as a development company with the vision to build a company that could take innovations from idea to product. The technology platform was based on starch microspheres and their possible application in the manufacturing of drugs. 

Magle Chemoswed was formed in 2017, when Magle Life Sciences acquired Chemoswed. Since the acquisition, we are a CDMO with our own technology platform and product portfolio. The new structure brings synergies by building capacity across the entire value chain.

We own our manufacturing and development facilities and we hold all the resources required to manage drug substances and biopharmaceuticals, as well as to develop and manufacture our own medical technology products.

We are lucky to employ around 70 brilliant people of many different nationalities, with diverse backgrounds, and experiences.

Our Vision

We combine our unique knowledge of formulating delivery systems and our drug development expertise to bring innovations from idea to product.

Our Mission

We bring innovations from idea to product.

Our Values

Creativity – We are innovative in how we work and find simple solutions to complex challenges.

Collaboration – We work closely with each other and with our partners to meet the needs of the healthcare market.

Accountability – We are personally responsible for delivering on our commitments.

Safety and Quality – We provide outstanding products and services in line with all regulatory requirements.

Leadership team

For more information on Magle Chemoswed leadership team, please visit Magle Group/Corporate Governance