Fill and Finish

Due to customer demand and for our own development we have invested in fill and finish capabilities. Our fill and finish capabilities are targeted at small volume, high value drug products and expands our service offering for clinical trials and commercial supply.

Gel and Ointment Filling

Alongside our core expertise in the development and manufacture of drug products, we also provide full tube filling services for topical and semi-solid formulations. We have equipment lines for the production and filling of gels and ointments. For the production of semi-solid drugs, we are able to manufacture common formulations (creams, salves, pastes and gels) and fill tubes.

Small Scale Vial Filling

Our in-house vial filling capability enables us to fill small scale and niched product volumes, including products that require sterile liquid filling and specialist freeze drying. Our flexibility and multi-purpose facilities means we are able to manufacture and fill products using our dedicated cleanroom.  Our vial filling capability is supported by our GMP compliant quality system.

Freeze Drying

Our facilities enable us to deliver a robust and state of the art freeze drying service by either aseptic or low bioburden clean room dispensing. Specializing in delivering freeze drying services across the development and commercial supply points we can deliver small and one-off batches or the ongoing supply of drug products. Today we provide customer services for conventional, biologic and cytotoxic drugs into vials.