Technology Platform

Microsphere Close-up

Magle Chemoswed is a unique international contract development manufacturing company dedicated to bringing ideas to product for customers alongside building our own product pipeline based on our patented technology base. As an integrated company, we have extensive capabilities across the value chain, from the discovery, development and manufacture of medicines and medical devices that rely on our patented and trade secret protected technology platform.

Our technology base is microporous polysaccharide Microspheres. These are derived from purified plant starch that is transformed through a unique chemical process developed in-house, which allows the control of microsphere size from 10 μm to 2000 μm. The microspheres are naturally bio- absorbable and bio-degradable.

We have developed thirteen microsphere families with varying characteristics for wide use across our strategic markets. In-house research and development teams have adapted the technology to create gels, absorbable sponges, unwoven absorbable fibers, naturally degradable films and microporous polysaccharide microspheres.

We have a dedicated and highly experienced research and development team that is supported through the integration of the services we offer as a company. Our development is expedited due to our ability to develop in parallel with analytic, formulation and manufacturing expertise.