Early career award

Our Magle Chemoswed Early Career Award is open to master’s level applicants, studying one of the chemical subjects: organic or inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, polymer chemistry or analytical chemistry. The award is intended to help kick-start your career, helping you create connections that will last a lifetime. We truly value our graduate talent, their experience, knowledge, ideas and who they are. At Magle Chemoswed you will be empowered to jump in, take initiative and be part of meaningful project teams to make an impact and deliver real value for our patients and our business.

Why Magle Chemoswed?

  • Make a real-world impact in a purpose-led, development-driven life science business.
  • Learn from, and work alongside, some amazing people.
  • Build your peer and professional network.
  • Develop your technical and soft skills; grow as a person and professional, every day.
  • Put the foundation in place for your career once your studies are complete.
  • Play your part in helping develop patients around the world to do more, feel better and live longer.

How to apply

Your placement needs to be part of a master’s degree in organic or inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, polymer chemistry, or analytical chemistry and approved by your university. We run an open application system and invite applications throughout the year. To apply, please send a one-page motivational letter telling us why you are applying and what you hope to achieve, accompanied by a short CV, to: