Magle Chemoswed Holding (publ) today announced that it has filed a patent application that will be used in the ongoing SmartBONE project in the field of bone tissue engineering.

The addition of the patent application extends the protection of Magle Chemoswed’s technology platform and strengthens the future market protection of the SmartBONE project.

The patent application results from the SmartBONE project and an existing collaboration with Håkan Nygren, Professor Emeritus of Gothenburg University, who is the principle inventor in the newly filed patent application. The SmartBONE project focuses on the development of a new gel composition based on Magle Chemoswed’s unique technology platform for inducing and facilitating repair and re-generation of tissue for use in bone tissue engineering. The newly filed patent incorporates an mRNA molecule that can be used to accelerate normal physiological repair presenting an advanced and inventive solution in an area where medical need remains strong. 

“I am very grateful to the input of Professor Emeritus Nygren in this project, and it is his lead and knowledge that has led to the filing of the patent,” said Justin Pierce, CEO of Magle Chemoswed. “The SmartBONE project is an important project, not only due its valuable contribution to better patient outcomes but also as it widens the application of our technology platform into new and exciting areas in the field of mRNA”, concluded Justin Pierce. 

Following the patent filing Magle Chemoswed plans to push the project forward with high speed and has decided to accelerate development by adding further funding to the project providing a faster path through the development cycles. The project will be developed by Magle Chemoswed and incorporates that company’s existing technology platform and will continue to be supported by Professor Emeritus Nygren as an expert in the field of bone tissue engineering.