Factory workers

We operate a full cGMP and ISO 13485 production site with five dedicated manufacturing suites and a combined 70 years’ manufacturing experience. We are fully equipped to take on challenging manufacturing assignments.

Commercial Manufacturing

We provide a seamless technology transfer for existing processes as well as established and tested practices for tailoring processes aimed at meeting customer needs. With a wide range of capabilities, reactor capacities, specialist equipment and leading expertise we are a perfect partner for commercial manufacturing and supply.

Our large network of sourcing lets us support your needs by identifying reliable, cost effective and quality assured suppliers of raw and starting materials. With a full logistics team and established routines and trusted partners we offer support across the full supply chain.

In addition to our commercial manufacturing expertise we provide a full support service including warehousing, temperature-controlled storage, full quality control release and supporting release documentation.

Exclusive Manufacturing

We understand the investment and dedication that it takes to commercialize your product and the risks of choosing a manufacture who will not only protect your investment but ensure that your intellectual property is supported by reliable supply and to the highest quality standard.

At Magle Chemoswed, we know that the ability to provide a reliable non-competing and exclusive supply line for your product is an essential element of success. We have a tried and tested track-record of working with our customers to support their needs and we operate with the highest levels of confidentiality and trade secret protection to ensure that your investments remain uncompromised.

We know that the ability to provide a reliable and confidential supply chain for the necessary raw materials and advanced intermediates is a further key element to on patent or trade secret products and we are able to provide secure reliable suppliers at consistent pricing.

Clinical Supply

Our development services and manufacturing expertise means that we are able to provide high-quality clinical trial materials to support your product through early stage pre-clinical testing and materials for use in Phase I and IIa studies, and a comprehensive scale of material for Phase IIb and III studies.

We have years of experience and an inspection record that proves our dedication to quality at all levels of manufacturing and supply. Our teams work with speed, flexibility and understanding supported by our analytic chemistry, full quality assurance and quality control range of services.

Small Batch Manufacturing

When it comes to GMP manufacturing of targeted therapies, we provide a specialist flexible service under which we are able to offer the manufacture of smaller API quantities required for niche markets such as orphan designations and personalized medicines.

Our size set up and production suites are perfectly set up to support small batch manufacturing and supply. Our specialist production team provide flexible and cost-efficient solutions to manufacturing that means we can prioritize small batch manufacturing.