Innovation products

Microsphere Close-up

Our chemists have extensive experience from process development for the pharma industry. This means we can help our customers with customized process optimization for their proprietary products, bringing their projects from lab scale through pilot and, if required, into full scale production. We perform multi-step synthesis and are experts in handling high potent compounds.

We have newly refurbished, state-of the-art laboratories as well as facilities for small- and pilot-scale synthesis outside our four large-scale production units.

Our newly installed cleanroom facility is classified according to ISO class 5 – 7 – 8 and continuously monitors the levels of airborne particles as well as air pressure, temperature and humidity.

Our facilities are cGMP approved and FDA inspected and offer all the analytical and production capabilities needed for the exclusive manufacturing of pre-clinical, clinical, and full-scale commercial quantities from 100 grams to 50 tons. Our values of Accountability and Safety and quality ensure that our services are of high quality and in line with our customer’s timeline requirements.