We innovate

Microsphere Close-up

Innovative technology

We are experts in formulating biodegradable delivery system formulations with multiple potential applications.  Currently, we have formulations with application in Advanced Wound Care, Surgical and Diagnostics and Drug Delivery. Our research and development have adapted our technologies to create gels, sponges, unwoven absorbable fibers, naturally degradable films and microporous polysaccharide microspheres which are used across our markets.

Based on our proprietary technology, we are finding innovative solutions to pressing medical needs.  One formulation might act as a vessel for detecting enzymatic leakage in surgery, another can help treat infected serious wounds. We have a rich and exciting pipeline based on our technologies and unique formulations that will, we believe, provide valuable solutions to patients and healthcare providers in the future.

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Process Innovation

Our chemists have extensive experience from process development for the pharma industry. This means we can help our customers with customized process optimization for their proprietary products, bringing their projects from lab scale through pilot and, if required, into full scale production. We perform multi-step synthesis and are experts in handling high potent compounds.

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