With state-of-the-art equipment Chemoswed can provide a variety of production, analysis, and chemical reaction capabilities that can save you time and money in API development.

Chemistry is our core competence. With state-of-the-art equipment Chemoswed performs process development, analyses, and large scale manufacturing.

Process development is performed at our R&D department where we have access to well-equipped laboratories as well as facilities for small- and pilot-scale synthesis. Our R&D chemists have access to all necessary tools, such as HPLC, NMR, IR, and MS for evaluation of their work. We employ fume hood, jacketed glass reactors to mimic the environment at larger scale. Pressure reactions, such as hydrogenation, can be both evaluated at small scale and then transferred stepwise up to 3000 L commercial scale.

In our kilo-lab we perform reactions at mid-size scale as well as preparative chromatography and evaporation in a 50 L rotavapor. Equipment for isolation and drying is also available.

The pilot plant contains a diverse collection of reactors with different properties and capabilities, including pressure reactors. Our 160 L cryogenic Hastelloy reactor enables reactions down to -100 °C. Isolation of solids is done by centrifuge or a range of different filters.

Our QC department handles both routine analysis of starting materials, intermediates, and finished products, as well as analytical development. Some customers have analytical methods in place at project start, while others need extensive development and validation. With access to a plethora of analytical techniques we can in almost all cases handle development in-house. We have access to both HPLC and UPLC with a range of detectors, and GC including head-space methodology. By OES-MS we can detect elements at ppm-level, in some cases even at ppb-level. Particle size distribution may be important for drug formulation, and is performed by laser diffraction (Helos/Malvern). In addition, we utilize FT-IR, NMR, MS, UV-VIS spectrometry, DSC, coulometry, ion chromatography, polarimetry, titrations and much more. Microbiological testing is performed by a certified contract laboratory. Other methods, applied more occasionally, e. g. PXRD, can be performed by established contract laboratories.  


Once a process is defined and tested in pilot plant scale we are ready for large scale production. Our four production units are typically providing batches between 200 and 500 kg. Reactors, both stainless steel and glass-lined, are well suited for different reactions conditions. Also pressure reactions, such as hydrogenations, can be performed at large scale. Needless to say, centrifuges, dryers, sieves etc. are at place for each unit. For more than 20 years we have been able to manufacture highly potent substances, e. g. cytotoxic substances, in a contained unit. Such substances, e. g. categorized as Safebridge class 3, are handled without any exposure to the surroundings. Final packaging is made by an endless liner system. We use water of USP quality and our facilities are class 100,000 compliant regarding levels of particles and microorganisms.