Entries by Gustaf Ström

Advanced Wound Care products move forward

Magle Chemoswed has received positive responses from regulatory agencies for market authorization of its range of advanced wound care products. This provides us with a clear pathway to registration of these developed products. As a strategic market for the Company this is an exciting and welcome development. The first line of products are expected to filed […]

Benserazide provided to new key customer

Magle Chemoswed expands its sales of Benserazide to a key customer as part of the Company strategy to enter emerging markets. The sale of Benserazide is testament to our strong commitment to make a difference in the field of healthcare and responsibly expanding our business to new and exciting markets.

Patent for first-in-class surgical device filed

Magle Chemoswed has filed multi-jurisdictional patent applications for protection for our range of surgical diagnostic devices. This is a first-in-class invention under which we have chemically bound enzymatic indicators to our SmartSpheres to be used by surgeons following suturing to identify enzymatic leakage.