Our Board

The management team is supported by a strong board of directors composed of senior executives drawn from business, pharma, medical devices and medicine.

The Board of Directors has the following committees:
  1. Audit Committee;
  2. Compensation Committee;
  3. Scientific Committee
Hans Henrik Lidgard Chairman of the Board
Sven-Christer Nilsson Member of the Board
Mats Pettersson Member of the Board
Malin Malmsjö Member of the Board
Hedda Lidgard Reserve Member of the Board  
Anthony Simon Member of the Board  
Ingemar Jonsson Reserve Member of the Board

Audit Commitee

The audit committee is established by and among the Magle Chemoswed board of directors for the primary purpose of assisting the board in overseeing the integrity of the company ‘s financial statements and overseeing the company‘s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. In carrying out its duties and responsibilities, the audit committee also has the authority to meet with and seek any information it requires from employees, officers, directors, or external parties.

Compensation Commitee

The Compensation Committee recommends policies and processes to the Magle Chemoswed board for the regular and orderly review of the performance, compensation, and development of the CEO, CFO and the individual business executives. The committee is also responsible for conducting annual CEO and CFO goal-setting, evaluation, and compensation review, in accordance with board policy.

Scientific Commitee

The Committee is responsible for: (a) making recommendations to the Magle Chemoswed board regarding the Company’s research and development strategies and opportunities; (b) performing such other functions as may be deemed necessary or convenient in efficiently carrying out the foregoing; and (c) such other functions as the Board may from time to time assign to the Committee.