About Us

Creating a sustainable business that inspires and implements innovative solutions that improve patient outcomes and affordable healthcare solutions
The Magle organisation, consisting of a group of four companies, is a dynamic and specialist development organisation focussing on degradable starch microspheres, unique drug delivery technologies and negative pressure wound therapies.
The company has a long history in the life sciences industry and its technological base and scientific roots stem from the LEO & Pharmacia organisations. Magle has successfully developed a number of interesting and unique products both in the medtech and pharmaceutical sectors, that has led to a substantial out-licensing and partnering agreements.
In early 2016 the Magle group acquired the Chemoswed business. Chemoswed was established in 1944 by the Swedish pharma company Ferrosan, and has been specialized in production of and process developer for active pharmaceutical ingredients and medical device technologies for global customers ever since. 
Chemoswed became a part of Pharmacia in 1986, and since 1996, Chemoswed was an independent entity within the Du Pont and Chemours groups until becoming part of the Magle group in 2016. Following the acquisition of the Chemoswed business the group was renamed Magle Chemoswed. 
The group has its headquarter in Lund providing business support to the other companies in the group.